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Air Montenegro: 16 destinations and over 230 000 passengers transported

August 29, 2022

New markets are important for the further development of the tourism industry

Air Montenegro transported over 230 000 passengers from January to today, representing a 150% increase over the previous summer season.

Despite the unstable market, the epidemic, events in Ukraine and numerous challenges in European air traffic, Air Montenegro managed to triple the number of destinations with which it connects Montenegro in one year. The rental of larger-capacity aircraft also contributed to the company's dynamic growth and a significant increase in passenger transport.

This season, Air Montenegro connects Montenegro with 16 different destinations, including: Paris, Nantes, Lyon, Zurich, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Ljubljana, Belgrade, Prague, Banja Luka, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Katowice, Yerevan, Bratislava, Cairo.. .while negotiations with tour operators and preparations for the next summer season, in which the national airline hopes to open some new markets, are currently in progress.

Air Montenegro

"In order to be fully ready to respond to a large number of requests from tour operators for the next season and expand the fleet, it is necessary to meet certain conditions first of all. The further development of the market and the realization of a greater number of lines will largely depend on the signing of bilateral agreements for air traffic, which would enable the opening of regular lines and the realization of a greater number of flights to markets that are important to us, such as Israel, Armenia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Georgia, etc. A marketing strategy at the state level is necessary, in which, in addition to the national airline, NTO and all relevant ministries would be involved", said Dragana Frantov Nikolić, Acting Executive Director of Air Montenegro.

The development of new markets, which Air Montenegro is constantly working on, as well as strategic planning at the state level, will contribute to the fact that, instead of the current few months, the tourist season lasts much longer.

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