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Air Montenegro celebrates the International Cabin Crew Day: You feel safe with us!

May 31, 2024

Today we celebrate International Cabin Crew Day, and we use this opportunity to highlight their key role in ensuring the safety and security of every passenger.

This day is an opportunity to once again express our gratitude for the exceptional work and dedication of our cabin crew and to highlight their role in ensuring safety and security for all our passengers. The role of cabin crew has undergone significant changes over the years, and contrary to the prevalent myth that this job is glamorous and easy, today it requires the highest level of expertise, physical and emotional readiness, as well as the ability to respond quickly in crisis situations.

Air Montenegro - kabinsko osoblje
Air Montenegro - kabinsko osoblje
Air Montenegro - kabinsko osoblje
Air Montenegro - kabinsko osoblje

In addition to their primary task of ensuring passenger safety and security, Air Montenegro's flight attendants play a vital role in promoting the national airline and are authentic representatives of the country and our brand.

International Cabin Crew Day was first celebrated in Canada in 2015 when the local union decided to honor flight attendants. Since then, this day has been celebrated in many countries, recognizing their invaluable contribution to aviation.

Air Montenegro extends its congratulations to all cabin crew colleagues, expressing special gratitude and wishing them many calm and safe flights in the years ahead.

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