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Two years since the first regular commercial flight of Air Montenegro

June 10, 2023

Two years ago, on June 10, 2021, the national air carrier Air Montenegro realized the first regular commercial flight on the route Podgorica - Belgrade.

The first charter that transported the Football National Team of Montenegro from Podgorica to Sarajevo was on June 1, 2021, and since our establishment we have been the official carrier of the Football Association of Montenegro, numerous sports teams and sports associations from the country and the surrounding area.

Wanting to pay attention to our passengers and celebrate the jubilee together, today we organized a raffle on all airline routes operated by "Air Montenegro".
Namely, passengers on today's flights had the opportunity to draw vouchers, one of which is a winner on each flight, which entitles them to one return ticket on "Air Montenegro" airlines, of their choice.

We remind you that after a break of almost 6 months after the suspension of flights of the previous national carrier at the end of 2020, "Air Montenegro" established regular traffic on June 10, 2021.

Dvije godine od prvog redovnog komercijalnog leta Air Montenegra
Dvije godine od prvog redovnog komercijalnog leta Air Montenegra

It was challenging and demanding in the previous period to establish trust with passengers and partners, but it was still possible thanks to the professionalism and maximum commitment of the employees. Also, during that period there were numerous travel restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which made business even more difficult, so we are one of the few airlines that was founded in Europe and the world in that crisis year.

During the first year of operation, the traffic was mostly carried out with only one plane in the fleet, the E95 with 116 seats, and about 110 thousand passengers were transported to 5 destinations in regular traffic, i.e. to Belgrade from Podgorica and Tivat, Banja Luka, Ljubljana, Frankfurt and Istanbul. A series of charter flights to Yerevan and numerous ad hoc charter flights were realized.

In the following year 2022, the traffic was carried out with 2 E95 planes throughout the year, with an additional lease of an A320 plane with 180 seats for a period of 6 months during the summer season, when about 360 thousand passengers were transported. Regular traffic took place to 11 destinations. In addition to flights to destinations from 2021, traffic to the new 6, Zurich, Paris, Nantes, Lyon, Copenhagen and Prague, and a series of charter flights, has been started.

Dvije godine od prvog redovnog komercijalnog leta Air Montenegra
Dvije godine od prvog redovnog komercijalnog leta Air Montenegra

Today, two years after the first commercial flight, To Montenegro owns 2 Embraer 195 aircraft registration AOA and AOB and leased Embraer 190 registration UR - EMA to Wind Rose and Airbus 320 registration LYFJI to Heston airlines.

Regular traffic is carried out to 14 destinations, flights to all destinations from the previous year have continued.

Namely, during this year, the national air carrier Air Montenegro operates regular flights to Belgrade, Ljubljana, Banja Luka, Frankfurt, Zurich, Paris, Lyon, Nantes, Copenhagen, Prague, Istanbul, which he performed in the previous year and for the first time towards Bratislava, Brno and Sarajevo.

In addition to new charter flights to the Baltic countries, which operate from Tivat airport to Riga, Vilnius and Tallinn, we have new charter flights from Podgorica to Rzeszów in Poland. A series of charter flights are carried out, as in previous years, to Yerevan, Cairo and Katowice, in the period from June to September, while charter flights from Tel Aviv started in March and will last until October of the current year.

Dvije godine od prvog redovnog komercijalnog leta Air Montenegra

For this full season, we replaced the current demand on the market by renting 2 aircraft, thus overcoming the challenges, and meeting the expectations of partners, travelers and the economy, bearing in mind that the high tourist season is ahead, and in the interest of the tourist and complementary economy, citizens and the state.

In the period from June 10, 2021, to the beginning of June this year, the national air carrier Air Montenegro carried about 615,000 passengers on over 7 and a half thousand flights in regular and charter traffic with an average occupancy rate of 65.92%. Total revenues from tariffs are 52 million euros.

The current state of capacity sales, flight occupancy and the average sales tariff confirm the optimism that this will be a record year in the national carrier's business and that the plan of close to half a million transported passengers will be achieved, which is over 100,000 more passengers compared to the previous year.

Within the strategic development and commercial policy of the To Montengro company, future dynamic development is planned, which, among other things, includes the acquisition of new aircraft, the expansion of the network of destinations and the base of stable clients - passengers.

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