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Podgorica-Ostrava - Air Montenegro's third route in the Czech Republic

June 19, 2024

Today, Air Montenegro inaugurated the Podgorica-Ostrava route with flight MNE 390. Air Montenegro will operate on this route every Tuesday.

The first passengers from Montenegro were given a festive welcome at Leos Janacek Airport in Ostrava. The aircraft was greeted with a water cannon salute, and passengers were welcomed by high-ranking officials from the Moravia-Silesia region, representatives of Leos Janacek Airport and representatives of Air Montenegro.

In addition to Ostrava, Air Montenegro operates regular flights to Prague and Brno. The company also has charter flights to Pardubice, providing flights to the Czech Republic every day except Friday.

As highlighted by Mina Muković Radonjić, a representative of Air Montenegro, such air connectivity underscore the importance of the Czech market for Air Montenegro.

"Just one year after our company was established, we began flights to Prague, followed by route from Tivat to Brno. Today, we launched regular flights to a third destination in the Czech Republic. Additionally, our charter flights to Pardubice further demonstrate our commitment to enhancing connectivity between Montenegro and the Czech Republic", said Muković Radonjić.

The Deputy Governor of the Moravian-Silesian region, Martin Gebauer, stated that the number of aircrafts served by the Ostrava airport is constantly increasing.

"In addition to freight transport, passenger traffic is also gradually increasing at our airport. These are certainly good news not only for the Moravian-Silesian region as a shareholder of the airport, but also for passengers. Departures from Ostrava are definitely more convenient for residents of our region. Traveling from Prague, Vienna or any Polish airport takes longer and is actually unnecessarily expensive. I believe that our airport will become even more popular, and that there will continue to be more interesting destinations that we can reach directly from our region", said Gebauer.

Ondrej Musil, the Passenger development manager at Leoš Janáček Airport, highlighted the high expectations for the new Ostrava-Podgorica route.

"Montenegro has long been a popular destination for tourists from our region, so we are very pleased that Air Montenegro has connected Ostrava and Podgorica with a regular direct flights. The very first flight is sold out, which is a great start for a new connection and indicates that Podgorica will be one of our top destinations", said Ondřej Musil.

Ostrava, the third-largest city in the Czech Republic, is a true gem hidden in the heart of Central Europe. This dynamic city, located at the confluence of the Ostravice, Oder, and Opava rivers, is known for its rich industrial heritage as well as its impressive cultural and artistic scene.

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