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Check-in for your flight online from 48h up until 2h prior to the departure. Web check-in is currently available for flights departing from Podgorica and Tivat only.
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Agreement on Carriage

  • Conditions of contract

    Our Conditions of Carriage apply only on those flights, or flight segments, where our name or Airline Designator Code (MNE) is indicated in the carrier box of the Ticket for that flight or flight segment.

    1. As used in this contract "ticket" means this passenger ticket and baggage check, or this itinerary/receipt if applicable, in the case of an electronic ticket, of which these conditions and the notices form part, "carriage" is equivalent to "transportation", "carrier" means all air carriers that carry or undertake to carry the passenger or his baggage hereunder or perform any other service incidental to such air carriage, "electronic ticket" means the Itinerary/Receipt issued by or on behalf of Carrier, the Electronic Coupons and, if applicable, a boarding document.
    2. Carrier hereunder is subject to the rules and limitations relating to liability established by the Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules for International Carriage by Air, also known as Montreal Convention, signed in Montreal on 28th May 1999.
    3. To the extent not in conflict with the foregoing, carriage and other services performed by each carrier are subject to: (I) provisions contained in the ticket, (II) applicable tariffs, (III) carrier's conditions of carriage and related regulations which are made part hereof (and are available on application at the offices of carrier), except in transportation between a place in the United States or Canada and any place outside thereof to which tariffs in force in those countries apply.
    4. Carrier's name may be abbreviated in the ticket, the full name and its abbreviation being set forth in carrier's tariffs, conditions of carriage, regulations or timetables; carrier's address shall be the airport of departure shown opposite the first abbreviation of carrier's name in the ticket; the agreed stopping places are those places set forth in this ticket or as shown in carrier's timetables as scheduled stopping places on the passenger's route; carriage to be performed hereunder by several successive carriers is regarded as a single operation.
    5. An air carrier issuing a ticket for carriage over the lines of another air carrier does so only as its Agent.
    6. Any exclusion or limitation of liability of carrier shall apply to and be for the benefit of agents, servants and representatives of carrier and any person whose aircraft is used by carrier for carriage and its agents, servants and representatives.
    7. Checked baggage will be delivered to bearer of the baggage check. In case of damage to baggage moving in international transportation complaint must be made in writing to carrier forthwith after discovery of damage and, at the latest within 7 days from receipt; in case of delay, complaint must be made within 21 days from the date the baggage was delivered.
    8. This ticket is good for carriage for one year from date of issue, except as otherwise provided in this ticket, in carrier's tariffs, conditions of carriage, or related regulations. The fare for carriage hereunder is subject to change prior to commencement of carriage. Carrier may refuse transportation if the applicable fare has not been paid.
    9. Carrier undertakes to use its best efforts to carry the passenger and baggage, with reasonable dispatch. Times shown in timetables or elsewhere are not guaranteed and form no part of this contract. Carrier may without notice substitute alternate carriers or aircraft, and may alter or omit stopping places shown on the ticket in case of necessity. Schedules are subject to change without notice. Carrier assumes no responsibility for making connections.
    10. Passenger shall comply with Government travel requirements, present exit, entry and other required documents and arrive at the airport by the time fixed by carrier or, if no time is fixed, early enough to complete departure procedures.
    11. No agent, servant or representative of carrier has authority to alter, modify or waive any provision of this contract.
  • Advice to passengers on limitation of liability

    Passengers are advised that the provisions of a treaty known as the Montreal Convention, adopted in Montreal on 28th May 1999, govern and limit the liability of carriers for death or personal injury, for loss of or damage to baggage, as well as for long delay. Apart from that Air Montenegro adheres to provisions of the Regulation (EC) 261/2004 and Regulation 2027/97.


    The carrier is liable for damage sustained in case of death or bodily injury of a passenger upon condition only that the death or injury took place on board the aircraft or in the course of any of the operations of embarking or disembarking. Air carrier cannot dispute compensation claims not exceeding 113100 SDR's (around 121243EUR).

    The carrier shall not be liable for damages to the extent they exceed for 113100 SDR's (Special Drawing Rights as defined by International Monetary Fund) for each passenger if the carrier can prove that the damage was not due to the negligence or omission of the carrier, or its servants or agents, or that such damage was solely due to the negligence or other wrongful act or omission of a third party.

    If a passenger is killed or injured, the carrier must make an advance payment, to cover immediate economic needs, within 15 days from the identification of the person entitled to compensation. In the event of death, this advance payment shall not be less than 16000SRD (approximately 17600EUR).


    The carrier is liable for damage sustained in case of destruction or loss of, or of damage to, checked baggage upon condition only that the event which caused the destruction, loss or baggage took place on board the aircraft or during any period within which the checked baggage was in charge of the carrier. In case of unchecked baggage the carrier is liable if the damage resulted from its fault or that of its servants or agents.

    In the carriage of baggage the liability of the carrier in case of destruction, loss, damage or delay is limited to 1,131 SDR's for each passenger (around EUR1,200; USD 1,800).

    Passenger is entitled to compensation for damage caused by the delay of baggage if the carrier admits the loss of registered baggage or if the registered baggage is not delivered within 21 days* from the date the baggage should have arrived. In case of damage to baggage the person entitled to delivery must complaint to the carrier forthwith after the discovery of damage, and, at the latest, within 7 days from the date of receipt. In case of delay of baggage the complaint must be made at the latest 21 days* from the date on which the baggage have been placed at passenger's disposal.

    NOTE: Every complaint must be made in writing and given or dispatched within the times aforesaid.

    *EXPLANATION: The expression "days" (when used in Montreal Convention) means calendar days, not working days.

    A passenger can benefit from a higher liability limit for lost, damaged or delayed baggage by making a special declaration at the latest at check-in and by paying a supplementary fee. Apart from that if the value of baggage exceeds the upper limit of liability the baggage should be insured prior to travel.


    The carrier is liable for damage occasioned by delay in the carriage by air of passengers or baggage, unless the carrier proves that it and its servants took all measures that could reasonably be required to avoid the delay or that was impossible for them to take such measures.

    In case of damage caused by delay of 5 hours or more the liability of the carrier for each passenger is limited to 4,694 Special Drawing Rights (around EUR 5,000; USD 7,500). In case of a flight delay of 2 hours or more we offer assistance to the concerned passengers and a ticket refund according to Regulation (EC) No 261/2004.


    If the carrier proves that the damage was caused or contributed to by the negligence or other wrongful act or omission of the person claiming compensation, or the person from whom he or she derives his or her rights, the carrier shall be wholly or partly exonerated from its liability to the claimant to the extent that such negligence or wrongful act or omission caused or contributed to the damage. When by reason of death or injury of a passenger compensation is claimed by a person other than the passenger, the carrier shall likewise be wholly or partly exonerated from its liability to the extent that it proves that the damage was caused or contributed to by the negligence or other wrongful act or omission of that passenger. This applies to provisions on liability in the Montreal Convention.

  • Notice of government imposed taxes, fees and charges

    The price of this ticket may include taxes, fees and charges which are imposed on air transportation by government authorities. These taxes and charges, which may represent a significant portion of the cost of air travel, are either included in the fare, or shown separately in the "TAX" box(es) of this ticket. You may also be required to pay taxes, fees and charges not already collected.

  • Denied boarding by overbooking

    In those countries where Denied Boarding Compensation regulations are in force, carriers operate compensation plans for passengers with confirmed reservations who are denied boarding because of no availability of seats caused by overbooking. Details of these plans are available at the airlines' offices. In order to minimize the effect of "no shows" and to permit seats to be used by passengers who otherwise would not be able to travel on a chosen flight, carriers may overbook flights. Whilst carriers make every effort to provide seats for which confirmed reservations exist, seat availability is not absolutely guaranteed.

  • Electronic devices - forbiden usage on board

    The usage of the following devices is not permitted during your stay on board:

    • devices emitting electronic waves, mobile phones, walky-talkies, remote control for toys, cathode ray tube screens, wireless computer mice, PC printers, radio and stereo devices, TV sets and telemetric equipments.

    Laptops can be used after take off and before landing according to announcements on board.

  • Important notices

    Travel documents - Passengers are reminded that it is their responsibility to obtain all necessary travel, health, and other documents required by the country they fly from, into or over, before commencement of their travel. Air Montenegro shall not liable to passengers for loss or expenses due to passenger's failure to comply with such requirements.

    Onward and return reservations - Passengers should cancel their reservations if there is a change in their travel plans. Otherwise it will result in the automatic cancellation of their onward and/or return bookings that have been made. It is also recommended passengers during they stay at the destination to reconfirm their reservation for onward or return travel.

    Check-in-time - Passengers should report at the airport at such a time that departure procedures can be completed. Air Montenegro reserves the right to dispose of the seats of passengers who report too late at the airport. After check-in passengers should be present at the boarding gate for boarding as the flight will not be held for passengers arriving late and Air Montenegro shall take no responsibility in such a case.

  • Dangerous goods forbiden in passenger baggage

    For safety and security reasons dangerous articles such as those listed bellow must not be carrier in baggage:

    • explosives, ammunition, fireworks and flares,
    • compressed gasses (flammable, non-flammable and poisonous) such as butane, propane, aqualung cylinders, lighter fuels, or refills, aerosols,
    • briefcases with installed alarm devices, or incorporated lithium batteries, and /or pyrotechnic material
    • flammable liquids such as: "strike anywhere matches" and articles which are easily ignited,
    • oxidizing substances such as bleaching powder and peroxides,
    • poisons such as arsenic, cyanides, insecticides, weed killers, virus materials,
    • radioactive materials,
    • corrosive materials such as: mercury (thermometers, and blood pressure gauges), acids, alkalis, and wet cell batteries
    • knives (including hunting knives), swords, scissors and any other sharp objects considered illegal by local law and international regulations,
    • ammunition for sporting purposes may only be carried with the airline's permission,
    • any other substances which during the transport present a danger not covered above such as magnetized offensive or irritating material. Not withstanding the above medicines and toiletries in limited quantities which are necessary for the passenger during the journey, such as hair-sprays, perfumes, and medicines containing alcohol may be carried.
    Dangerous goods forbiden in passenger baggage


  • Carry-on (unchecked) baggage

    Your carry-on baggage on Air Montenegro flights may not exceed the following dimensions: 55x20x40 and maximum weight: 8kg.