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Check-in for your flight online from 48h up until 2h prior to the departure. Web check-in is currently available for flights departing from Podgorica and Tivat only.
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Terms of payment

1) Way of payments and payment procedures

Paying for services in our online store is possible in following ways: using payment cards - Visa, Maestro or Master Card that support paying online. Payment using credit cards is brought by AllSecure doo and Hipotekarna banka and is done in a safe and certified way via AllSecure Payment Gateway simply by entering data from your payment card.

After the data from the card is filled-in and payment is confirmed, the bank authorizes the transaction and by that order is authorized and goes into further process for delivery. The amount will be reserved on your credit card(bank account) and will not be available for other purposes.

In case that payment is not completed, i.e. amount is not deducted from your bank account 14 days after your order has been received, such order will be cancelled and deleted. When 14 days deadline expires, amount that was reserved on your bank account will be released and available for other purposes. After that you can make the same or new order and do the payment process in regards to those orders.

Check with the bank that issued your credit card if your card supports online payments.

2) Standard and procedures in data protection during the card payment

When filling-in the data from the card, all confidential information is transferred via public web in a protected (encrypted) form using SSL protocol, using token-based authentication of sensitive data in accordance with PCI-DSS standards. At no moment data from the credit cards is available to merchant.

3D Secure protection for all merchants and buyers - AllSecure Payment Gateway uses highest global standards of protection and privacy of data. All merchants that use AllSecure Payment Gateway are automatically involved in 3D-Secure protection, which offers to the buyers safety of their purchase. Payment cards' numbers are not stored on merchant's system and the data filling-in is protected with SSL encryption.

PCI DSS Standards - AllSecure Payment Gateway is constantly synchronizing with requests from Card organizations in order to raise the level of security for both merchants and buyers. Since 2005 till now, perpetually, system is certified as PCI-DSS Level 1 which represents the highest standard in industry. PCI Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) is a norm that defines necessary security measures to be taken during processing, storing and transferring sensitive card data.With PCI Standards sensitive data is protected during whole payment process: from the moment of filling-in the data at merchant's store, during communication between merchant and relevant bank and card organization, as well storing those data later.

3) How to get a refund in case of card payments

In case of refund to the buyer who previously paid with one of the payment cards, partially or in whole, regardless of reason for refund, such refund is done only via the same VISA, Maestro or Mastercard credit card that was used for payment. Therefore our bank will, at our request, process the refund to users's credit card.

4) Conversion statement

Please note that all payments will be effected in Euro (EUR). If the payment is done using foreign issuers payment cards, total amount of transaction will be converted into bank settlement currency, according to the current exchange rate of Visa/Mastercard.