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Air Montenegro achieved better financial result by 5.8 million and transported 397,361 passengers from January to September this year

November 07, 2023

The national airline, Air Montenegro, transported 36% more passengers in a period of nine months and achieved better financial results by 5.8 milion compared to the same period last year.

Despite numerous challenges in air traffic and rising inflation, Air Montenegro managed to achieve a profit of 3.8 million euros from January 1 to September 30 2023, which is an improvement of 5.8 million compared to the same period in 2022, or 3.6 million more than planed for 2023. During this period, the company transported 397,361 passengers, representing a 36% increase in the number of passengers compared to the same period last year.

The growth was achieved through a total of 4,712 flights, which is 1,280 flights more than in the aforementioned period last year. These flights carried 105,460 more passengers than the previous year.

The aforementioned number of flights was carried out to 15 destinations in regular traffic and, additionally, to 16 destinations for which a series of charter flights were operated. According to official data, Air Montenegro ranked as first in terms of the number of transported passengers from airports in Montenegro during the summer season 2023, compared to the previous year when the company held the second position in the same statistic.

The summer season began by launching charter flights for the first time to the Baltic countries (Tallinn - Estonia, Riga - Latvia, and Vilnius - Lithuania). Through the realization of charter flights to the mentioned Baltic countries, as well as Poland (Rzeszow and Katowice), and Moldova (Chisinau), a total of 38,779 passengers were transported. In addition to these, the company conducted charter flights to Tel Aviv - Israel, Bratislava - Slovakia, Yerevan - Armenia, Cairo - Egypt, La Rochelle/ La Havre/ Canne/ Dole in France, Graz/ Vienna - Austria, and Berlin - Germany.

The season was marked by the opening of additional airline routes, from Podgorica to Bratislava - Slovakia, and Sarajevo -Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as from Tivat to Brno - Czech Republic. The opening of these routes contributed to achieving better occupancy and the utilization of available aircraft at full capacity.

Traditionally, the highest number of passengers were transported on the routes to Belgrade, followed by Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Ljubljana, Paris, Zurich, Prague, Chisinau, Bratislava, and Frankfurt, which constitute the top 10 destinations in terms of the number of passengers transported for Air Montenegro. The highest cabin occupancy during this period was recorded for the routes to Chisinau, followed by Brno, Katowice, Prague, Istanbul, Rzeszow, Tallinn, Tel Aviv, Bratislava, and Vilnius, which constitute the top 10 destinations in terms of load factor.

As the national airline company, Air Montenegro also conducted ad hoc charter flights for the national teams last summer: the Montenegro Football Association (Varna - Bulgaria, Vilnius - Lithuania, Budapest - Hungary, Belgrade - Serbia), and the Serbian Football Association (Varna - Bulgaria, Vienna - Austria), as well as sports teams, the Basketball Club Buducnost (Cluj - Romania), and the Football Club Sutjeska (Girona - Spain).

In order to meet the customers demands, expand Montenegro's tourism offerings, and contribute to the overall economic growth of the country, the national airline will continue to connect Montenegro with the world and expand its offerings both during the summer and winter seasons.

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