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Citizens and professionals are unanimous: Montenegro's new ambassador in the sky will be called Air Montenegro

April 06, 2021

Air Montenegro is the new brand name of the airline To Montenegro

Podgorica - Air Montenegro is the new brand name under which planes of the To Montenegro airline company will fly.

A brand name is a verbal statement that has the role of basic identification of the brand by the public, and it is often different from the name of the company holding the brand. There are many factors that go into creating a successful brand. The most important of all is the provision of quality service, but the name and logo by which the company is recognized also play an important role. This is also confirmed by the fact that over 500 proposals for a new name and logo have arrived at the address of the new airline. In the selection process of the received bids for choosing the name, the expert jury had no dilemma, because according to their criteria and according to the proposal of the largest number of citizens, the Air Montenegro brand name represents the best name for the new stage and recognizable continuity of the national airline company.

Quality branding should rely on a professionally driven, interdisciplinary process. The choice of visual identity, which was a much more challenging task, both for the implementation and for the expert jury for selection, was not recognized in the offered solutions from the aspect of technical applicability and specifications.

That is why the To Montenegro company decided to announce an international award competition for the creation of a logo. The international competition also begins the global marketing promotion of the Air Montenegro brand, and the goal is for the selected visual identity solution to be the ambassador of Montenegro both in the sky and at world airports.

You can find more details about the competition, the terms, and conditions of participation, on the website of the Ministry of Capital Investments.

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