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It is of crucial importance that the airline is run by professionals

October 01, 2021

At the meeting of the Board of Directors of "TO Montenegro" held on Tuesday, September 28, 2021, agreement was reached to publish the Employment Agreement with the company's executive director on the Company's website

After only three and a half months after its establishment, commercial traffic was started with a regular flight from Podgorica to Belgrade, which fulfilled the promise given to the Government that the first plane would take off before the main tourist season. Although in the aviation industry this process requires a much longer period on average, by choosing competent and professional staff with great experience and knowledge, along with numerous business challenges, a huge job was done that also gave concrete results. Thus, after only six months, the company has two planes in its possession, transported over 70 thousand passengers and generated an income of four million euros from the sale of tickets.

The government allocated 30 million euros of founding capital for the establishment of the Air Montenegro company, and it is of crucial importance that such a company is run by professionals who have specific qualifications, knowledge and competences. Such staff in the aviation industry market has its own value, because the responsibility that the position of executive director of an airline carries with it is responsibility for tens of thousands of transported passengers, for thousands of flights, etc. For example, managers of similar airline companies in the region and around the world have incomes ranging from 25,000 euros per month to 3.5 million euros per year.

We are open to cooperation and welcome the great interest of the media and the public because this is a national airline, and the public will be regularly informed about our business in a transparent manner. Due to the large volume of work and the aim to focus our capacities as much as possible on the summer tourist season, we did not respond to all inquiries and requests that arrived during the previous period, and therefore the public was not fully informed about all the business results, but also the challenges in business with which we will meet. TO Montenegro remains committed to the goal of informing the public and responding to all requests, so all information will be regularly updated both on the website and through the media.

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