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The national air carrier Air Montenegro organized the first charter flights from the markets of the Baltic countries

May 28, 2023

Bearing in mind the importance of the emission markets of the Baltic countries, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia on tourist traffic and the extension of the tourist season in Montenegro, we consider it important that the national air carrier Air Montenegro established air traffic between Montenegro and the Baltic countries, considering that Montenegro is a distinct air destination, especially for the Baltic countries.

Today's first flight, with 116 passengers from Tallinn - Estonia, was welcomed by the president of the Board of Directors of To Montenegro Pavle Ljesar, member of the Board of Directors Orhan Hodžić, president of the Board of Directors of Airports of Montenegro Eldin Dobardžić, representatives of the National Tourist Organization of Montenegro and the Tourist Organization of Tivat.

The President of the Board of Directors of TO Montenegro Pavle Ljesar pointed out that it is a great honor for him that today he has the opportunity to welcome the first passengers of our company from the Baltic countries, i.e. Tallinn - Estonia, as well as all passengers who will arrive on behalf of the national airline Air Montenegro. in mid-October, come from Vilnius and Riga (Lithuania and Latvia).

"We expect to transport close to 22,000 passengers, which is of great importance for Air Montenegro and Montenegro, and our important partner, Airports of Montenegro, contributes to the achievement of common goals in the interest of Montenegro by servicing and servicing them".

The President of the Board of Directors also thanked all Air Montenegro services, as well as our partner tour operator Join UP, thanks to whom we are here today.

Air Montenegro - čarter za baltičke zemlje
Air Montenegro - čarter za baltičke zemlje

"At the very end, but not least, I emphasize the importance and gratitude to the crews who are the true ambassadors of Air Montenegro and Montenegro, and who make maximum efforts to ensure that all flights are carried out safely and securely".

The President of the Board of Directors of the Airport of Montenegro, Eldin Dobardžić, stated that since the beginning of the year, they have served more than 620 thousand passengers, and of that, a fifth of the traffic was carried out by Air Montenegro. "We fully affirm the work of the national airline company, which day by day, as you can see for yourself on the platforms in Podgorica and Tivat, expands the airline network and connects our country with a number of European destinations. Naturally, Montenegro is our most important and closest partner. We are happy that the national carrier is opening lines from Tivat to Tallinn, Vilnius and Riga in these three days and that it has been announced that the number of operations on these three routes will exceed 200 by October. I wish you success in your further work and congratulate you on your achievement".

In the joint organization of Air Montenegro, the National and Local Tourist Organization and the Airport of Montenegro, tourists were greeted with a traditional Montenegrin welcome served by girls in Montenegrin costumes.

During a short conversation with the leaders of our companies, guests from Estonia expressed their satisfaction with the establishment of charter lines, which provide safe and fast connections during the main and post-tourist seasons. They also thanked for the warm welcome and expressed their satisfaction with the service provided by Air Montenegro and Tivat Airport.

Air Montenegro - čarter za baltičke zemlje
Air Montenegro - čarter za baltičke zemlje

During the previous 2022 tourist year, Montenegro was visited by more than 64.27% of tourists from the Estonian market, who achieved 56.97% more overnight stays compared to 2021.

We also note growth from the Lithuanian market, i.e. 58.68% more tourists and 62.03% more overnight stays in the same comparative period.

During the previous year, there were 73.85% more tourists from Latvia, and 67.25% more overnight stays than in 2021.

The previous statistical data illustrate the justification of the introduction of charter lines by the National airline Air Montenegro to these destinations, bearing in mind that we are recording a growth in interest, with the tendency of future dynamic tourist traffic from these significant emitting markets.

The tour operator Join Up from Latvia is the lessee of the flights that started the traffic with Air Montenegro aircraft with today's first flight from Tallinn - Estonia and in the period from May 28 to October 4, 76 flights are planned.

Flights from Vilnius - Lithuania to Tivat start tomorrow, May 29 to October 6 with 76 flights also planned.

Airlines from Riga to Latvia will be established on Tuesday, May 30 and are planned until October 7 with 76 flights.

In total, it is planned to realize 228 flights and transport close to 22,000 passengers.

Air Montenegro - čarter za baltičke zemlje

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