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Traffic normalized; third plane operational again

August 09, 2022

The third plane, Airbus A320, is operational again and traffic will be normalized from today. Due to the technical malfunction of the plane rented from the Croatian company Trade Air, there were changes in the traffic plan for the previous four days, as well as delays of some flights. Air Montenegro directed all its available capacities to the organization and implementation of traffic, with the aim of passengers reaching their desired destination at the closest time planned, respecting above all the safety and security of passengers. The quick reaction of the team of the national airline found alternative solutions for a certain number of flights in the form of transport to another airport or transport by another airline, while a significant number of flights were organized on schedule and without delays.

This and similar situations are common in aviation, and we have witnessed that, especially this year, many airlines have canceled thousands of flights across Europe. Nevertheless, Air Montenegro did everything to ensure that the flights were realized, bearing in mind that any flight postponement can affect the passengers' plans, in which it had great support from its partners and operational services. We would like to thank all passengers for their understanding and cooperation, and through continuous activities in the coming period, we will strive to further improve the support system.

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