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Air Montenegro contributes to a longer duration of the season and develops new markets

October 02, 2022

Podgorica - Air Montenegro, created during the period of the pandemic and major problems in the aviation industry, after only one year from the first flight, despite numerous challenges, managed to connect Montenegro with 16 different destinations and open new markets.

The absence of tourists from the traditional markets on which the Montenegrin tourism economy mostly relied and the complex geopolitical situation showed the need for market diversification, which is one of the goals of the Montenegrin national airline. Of the 16 different cities, two are from the region, namely Banja Luka and Belgrade, while the other lines are: Paris, Nantes, Lyon, Zurich, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Ljubljana, Prague, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Katowice, Yerevan, Bratislava and Cairo... among which are regular charter lines that had a significant positive effect on the tourist season.

In less than a year, despite the challenging conditions at the global level, we managed to open new markets, triple the number of destinations, increase the number of frequencies on some existing routes. All this speaks of the importance of the national airline for the country and its economy, citizens and tourists, both during the most frequent summer months and throughout the year.

We are glad that the public, hoteliers and representatives of the tourism industry recognize the important contribution and role of the national airline in the overall economy and that continuity in cooperation and communication is necessary, which Air Montenegro strives to further strengthen and improve in all business segments, on the general well-being of all citizens, businesses and partners. To jointly promote the tourist, offer, various projects and activities were implemented in cooperation with NTO, local tourist organizations and hoteliers, among which: numerous participations at fairs abroad, visits by tour operators and media representatives from the Czech Republic, Turkey, as well as from other countries.

By leasing a third plane, an Airbus A320 with 180 seats, we launched numerous charters and opened new routes to destinations that the Montenegrin national airline plans to develop in the coming years. Many regular charter lines are planned until the end of October, with which we want to contribute to a longer duration of the season. We are working intensively on the preparations for the next season, and we already have many requests that will also require the expansion of the fleet. In this way, we will enable the arrival of more tourists and the opening of new markets in the coming years, which will positively impact the long-term development of the tourism industry.

For all these aspects, strategic planning at the state level is necessary, synchronized cooperation with the Airports of Montenegro, institutions, relevant ministries and the tourism industry, which will ultimately affect that, instead of the current few months, the tourist season lasts much longer. Air Montenegro, as the Montenegrin national airline, will continue to actively participate in strategic planning at the state level and economic activities to contribute to the achievement of the common goal - positioning Montenegro as an attractive destination throughout the year.

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