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Air Montenegro opened the Tivat-Izmir route

April 05, 2024

Today, Air Montenegro realized the first flight on the Tivat-Izmir route. A festive welcome was arranged for the first passengers from Izmir at the Tivat airport. Flights on this line will be realized three times a week - every Monday, Friday and Sunday.

The representative of Air Montenegro, Mina Muković Radonjić, said that in the coming period the company will continue to work on expanding its offer.

Air Montenegro otvorio liniju Tivat-Izmir

"We are very pleased that from today we also offer flights to Izmir, which is one of our four new destinations for this year's summer season. In the coming period, we will continue to work on expanding the network of our destinations and improving our services, supporting the tourism economy and development of Montenegro, while placing the satisfaction of our passengers as a priority", said Muković Radonjić.

The welcome of the first plane from Izmir was also attended by representatives of the Airport of Montenegro. Director of Tivat Airport, Vladimir Prašćević, announced that every good news for the national airline, Air Montenegro, is great news for the Airports of Montenegro.

"Izmir is the first new destination at Tivat Airport during this summer season. It is very important that one of our most important partners, Air Montenegro, is strengthening its presence throughout Europe. During this summer, along with Izmir, of course, Belgrade and Istanbul, Air Montenegro also announced operations for Baku, Brno, Ljubljana, Prague, Riga and Tallinn. Tivat Airport will continue to be a reliable partner to colleagues from the national airline", Praščević pointed out, adding that Tivat Airport will be connected to around 40 destinations during the season.

Air Montenegro otvorio liniju Tivat-Izmir

The introduction of another destination to Turkey, in addition to the already existing Istanbul, is the result of great interest from travelers, and our flights to Izmir will undoubtedly contribute to the increase in tourist traffic between the two countries.

On this occasion, the NTO of Montenegro expressed satisfaction with the improvement of air connections with the Turkish market.

"We were pleased with the news that our strategic partner, the airline Air Montenegro, will fly to Izmir in addition to Istanbul this year. The fact is that we have a growing interest in Montenegro as a tourist destination from this market, so it is very important to work on improving the airline According to the data of the MONSTAT Administration, in 2023 we had about 95 thousand arrivals from this market, which is 117% more than in 2022, and a growth of 137% compared to 2019", said from NTO Montenegro.

As one of the most important port cities of the Mediterranean, Izmir has been an economic and cultural center throughout history. Today, it has a multicultural character where East and West, Europe, Africa and Asia intertwine. The coast of Izmir is lined with beautiful beaches ideal for enjoyment and relaxation, which is why it attracts the attention of tourists from all over the world.

Air Montenegro otvorio liniju Tivat-Izmir

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