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Air Montenegro on the side of planet Earth

June 05, 2022

Podgorica - The national air carrier Air Montenegro will mark the World Environment Day by installing boxes for collecting plastic caps from packaging for recycling.

Also, in the coming period, Air Montenegro would invite passengers on its flights to remove the plastic cap from the bottle if they used refreshments on the plane. The corks will be collected by the cabin crew and placed in special boxes that will be forwarded to organizations that help people with disabilities. In this way, Air Montenegro will be part of the action "Čep za hendikep (Bottle cap for handicap)", in which the money obtained from recycling buys equipment for people with disabilities.

"Celebrating the World Environment Day is an opportunity for all of us to stop for a moment, take responsibility for the environment and try to take a small step towards preserving the environment in which we live. Pollution and destruction of nature is a global problem and that is why Air Montenegro, from the very of its founding, the idea of environmental protection is present in everyday business. Plastic caps are in fifth place in terms of representation in the world's waste, and in this way, we are joining the mission to change this statistic", said Acting CEO of Air Montenegro, Dragana Frantov Nikolić.

The national airline company, since its establishment, serves catering on all flights in cardboard boxes that are produced and graphically processed in such a way that they can be recycled and in further stages reused in the cardboard industry.

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