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Air Montenegro transported over 350,000 passengers

December 15, 2022

From the beginning of the year to today, Air Montenegro transported more than 350,000 passengers and managed to connect Montenegro with 16 destinations, including regular charter lines.

"Although the year is marked by a complex geopolitical and economic situation, the number of transported passengers is the result of careful planning, intensive work on the improvement of existing lines and the introduction of new lines, as well as an adequate and timely response to challenges. An important contribution to the total number of transported passengers was also made by regular charter flights to markets that we plan to develop in the coming period as well", the company said.

Preparations for next year are underway, and in addition to reconnecting with markets that have proven to be promising, the plan is to launch lines to new destinations.

"Paris, Nantes, Lyon, Zurich, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Ljubljana, Belgrade, Prague, Banja Luka, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Katowice, Yerevan, Bratislava and Cairo are some of the cities to which Air Montenegro operated this year, while for the next tourist season, along with expanding the fleet, we are planning new routes and additional flights on the existing ones", the company announced.

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