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Air Montenegro connects Podgorica with Paris and Lyon

April 09, 2022

Air Montenegro realized the first flight from Podgorica to Paris. The direct Podgorica-Paris flight, i.e. to Charles de Gaulle airport, was re-established after two and a half years.

The Montenegrin ambassador to France, Ivan Ivanišević, told the Television of Montenegro, which was on a promotional flight, that the opening of this line built a bridge between the two countries. "It is very important that we return that feeling of stability, reliability, security, that Montenegro is a destination that will be able to provide everything that the French are traditionally used to from us, which is satisfaction and hospitality," said Ivanišević, the portal reports RTCG.

Air Montenegro povezuje Podgoricu sa Parizom i Lionom

Acting CEO of Air Montenegro Dragana Frantov Nikolić, Dragana Frantov Nikolić, said that direct air accessibility is very important for the economy of Montenegro. "We are working together to enable economic development with France through direct air accessibility of Montenegro, as well as the arrival of as many tourists as possible from that country", said Frantov Nikolić.

The director of the Charles de Gaulle platform, Perina Duglet, pointed out that after two difficult years, they are very happy to welcome a new company to Charles de Gaulle, because it is very important for traffic and tourism.

In April, Air Montenegro will fly from Podgorica to Paris twice a week, and from May four. Apart from Paris, Air Montenegro also flew to Lyon for the first time on the same day. There will be one flight a week from Podgorica to this French city.

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