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For the development of tourism, the cooperation of the tourist board and the national airline is important

December 17, 2022

For the further development of the tourist offer, the intensive cooperation of all tourism workers is important in order to use the full potential of our country, for which there is great interest from various markets, it was said during the discussion of the national of Air Montenegro with Montenegrin travel agencies.

The event was also an opportunity to summarize the results of the tourist season and present plans for the next year.

"Despite very challenging circumstances in the aviation industry, restrictions and strong regional competition, Air Montenegro transported over 350,000 passengers this year, connected Montenegro with a large number of new destinations and European hubs, and a special segment was very promising charter lines intensive preparations are underway for the launch of old and the introduction of new lines. Also, the plan is to open additional lines and flights to France and Germany, the Czech Republic, as well as the introduction of new charter destinations", the national airline announced.

As they say, numerous travel agencies and sales agents contributed to the results, as important partners of Air Montenegro, who work every day to promote the tourist offer of our country, which is why constant improvement of mutual cooperation is extremely important.

Speaking about the challenges and prospects of the next season, the importance of reducing seasonality and additional networking of airlines and the tourist community was particularly highlighted at the event.

"Montenegro has a huge potential to present its tourist product even better, which can live all year round. It is up to all of us, who are directly or indirectly connected to the tourism industry, to together enable as many tourists as possible to enjoy the rich tourist offer and the unique natural beauties of our country, but also that our citizens who travel often for work, study or vacation, always have numerous destinations available", was the conclusion of the event.

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