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Promotional ticket prices on Air Montenegro routes to Paris, Nantes and Lyon

March 10, 2023

The national airline has prepared promotional prices for trips to French cities.

From Podgorica to Paris, Nantes or Lyon, one-way tickets can be purchased at a special price of 79 euros, while tickets for the opposite direction start at 119 euros. Luggage is included in the price, and the travel period is from April 1st to May 31st of this year.

By restarting important routes, Air Montenegro enables our citizens, as well as numerous tourists, direct air connections between France and Montenegro. "As a contribution to the strategic national goal of extending the season, we provide a special offer for tourists from France, but we also give our citizens the opportunity to travel to France at special prices, in this pre-season period. This is the announcement of another successful season, and we expect good occupancy of flights to that European country", it was announced from the Air Montenegro company.

The announcement of flights to other cities in Normandy is expected soon, in cooperation with local tour operators. All information about destinations, flight dates and ticket prices are available on the website

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