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The executive director of "ToMontenegro" submitted a request for mutual termination of the contract

February 22, 2022

The executive director of the national airline "ToMontenegro" Predrag Todorović submitted on 21.02.2022. To the Board of Directors and the Ministry of Capital Investments, a request for mutual termination of the contract.

As an explanation, Todorović states that he submitted the Request solely for personal reasons, with the proposal that based on Article 19 of the employment contract, the notice period should be 38 calendar days, more precisely until 31.03.2022. He waived all the rights of the contract for the remaining three years, as well as the right to severance pay, proposing that by the expiration of the notice period on March 31, 2022. fulfills the obligations under the employment contract by that date.

Predrag Todorović has been the executive director of the Montenegrin national airline since February last year, when the company "ToMontenegro" d.o.o. was founded. For the past year, during which he performed this function professionally and conscientiously, the company's work was focused on rational and efficient operations, with the aim of "ToMontenegro" doo (commercial name Air Montenegro) developing in the long term into a sustainable company and a recognizable national brand. In his explanation, Todorović reminded that the company was formed in the midst of the pandemic, in a challenging and uncertain business environment, but also that despite numerous obstacles and difficulties in business from the very start, it managed to form a team of professionals in record time, complete all the technical preparations of the fleet and started flying only a few months after its establishment.

He also stated that in just one year, the company managed to: "Purchase two Embraer 195LR aircraft with registration numbers 4O-AOA and 4O-AOB and return them to a technically correct condition, obtain a brand-new license for commercial air transportation of passengers and goods". (AOC in the name of "ToMontenegro" doo), as well as the operating license and the license for aircraft line maintenance (Part 145), equip the technical base for aircraft maintenance, establish a completely new distribution system and e-commerce for the distribution, sale and management of tickets (including new PSS and access to GDSs), create a new commercial strategy and KPI monitoring according to the highest industry standards, get a new ICAO code. Soon they will get an IATA code, both aircraft are branded, preparations are underway for IOSA certification and other activities for additional improvement business". He emphasized that the company ensured that 90% of the employees are former employees of the previous state airline, which, he added, "confirmed a socially responsible approach, employment without nepotism and solely on the basis of knowledge and experience".

After the request was submitted, the members of the board of directors of "ToMontenegro" doo stated that since the very start the company has continuously and quickly adapted to the opportunities in the aviation industry, to the uncertain situation on the market, and that, in addition to numerous aggravating circumstances, significant achievements have been achieved so far results. They also point out that Todorović performed his duties thoroughly, professionally and with great dedication.

In his explanation, Todorović thanked for the cooperation of all those who made "Air Montenegro" establish its business, and above all the Ministry of Capital Investments, the Ministry of Finance and Social Welfare, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Agency for Civil Aviation, the Airports of Montenegro and all other institutions and individuals, without whose support, as he pointed out, the formation of a new state airline would not be possible.

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